Life on the Streets of Omaha

With snow and cold temperatures on their way, seeking shelter might be the difference between life and death for those living out on the streets. Will you join us in praying for each individual, that they would seek shelter at Open Door Mission, or somewhere they can be safe and warm?

We ask if you see someone on the street in the snow, contact the Mission and let the Garland Thompson Men’s Center know the location of the person – a staff member will go make sure the person is okay and offer a ride to safe shelter!
These are photos of real shelters our Streets of Omaha team found while serving meals and hygiene items. With cold weather setting in, more homeless men, women, and children living on the streets are seeking shelter. This provides us with the opportunity to take care of them physically, mentally, and spiritually, sharing the love God has for each person who walks through our doors.
If you’d like to help homeless men, women, and children find a warm place to stay and the care they so desperately need, please consider donating hats, gloves, blankets, or space heaters? Click here to learn more.

Lauren Catlett
Communications Specialist

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