Life in the Lydia House

Sep 1, 2014  |     |   General

One of the fathers living at the Lydia House, related this story to me recently.  His son came to him one day to announce that he had asked the Lord to give him a new skateboard, and the boy told his father that the Lord had told him that he would answer his prayer.  So he confidently waited for the answer to arrive.  One day when he was playing at the local skate park, a man drove up in a pick-up truck and asked him if he was serious about skateboarding, and if he was going to keep trying to get better.  After the boy assured the man that he definitely was, the man went back to his truck and pulled a brand new skateboard out, gave it to him, and drove away.  This story illustrates that God is interested in even the small details of our lives, and if we have “child-like” faith anything is possible. 

David Eischeid
Day House Supervisor, Open Door Mission