Life at the New Lydia House

Feb 10, 2010  |     |   General

What a blessing it is to be blogging while sitting in my office at the new Lydia House building!

Almost daily I am brought to tears of joy, when I see our women and families enjoying the lovely facilities. The simplest things move my heart to worship God and I hope your heart rejoices with me as I share.

One evening I checked on a family in their room. Mom opened the door and I heard squeals of delight coming from the bathroom as her toddler was enjoying a bubble bath. My eyes welled up and my throat felt tight at the thought that mom could give her child a bath in the privacy of their own room and bathroom.

Another evening, I entered the family dining room and discovered 3 families had pooled their foodstamps to purchase supplies to make dinner together. One mother was sitting at a table doing prep work with her children, another mother was assembling and cooking the food, while another family was setting the table and cleaning the dishes as they used them. The atmosphere was one of cooperation and wonderful fellowship.

The new building has many opportunities for our residents to regain a sense of independence and dignity while they learn new skills that will benefit them in their future after Open Door Mission.

If you haven’t planned on scheduling a tour, please join us for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. One of the staff will love showing you the new Lydia House “home”.

Many blessings to you,
Laurie Armes
Lydia House Recovery Services Coordinator