Let’s Run!

Garland Thompson Men’s Center keeps busy in so many ways. The men have volunteered to help clean up flood damage in Plattsmouth. Last month they decided to something fun and supportive. They ran in a 5K Missions fundraiser at Grace Central Church. John Horsechief tells us why it is important for them to participate in these special events.

“Most recently, staff members, New Life Recovery Program men, and myself were able to participate in the 5K Missions fundraiser run for Grace Central Church.  This was a very beneficial event for all parties. For staff and the program men, we are often provided support in our mental and emotional health but when opportunities arise to advocate to our physical health, it is an excellent outlet. The physical state, if active, can often be productive and is a way that our men in the addiction rehabilitation program can learn to add good habits to their lifestyle, which is always encouraged here at the Open Door Mission.”~John Horsechief







Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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