Let Go, Let God

Before the New Life Recovery Program (NLRP), I had previously gone through a few treatment centers. Although I learned some ways to battle my addiction, I realized if my mindset about my addiction did not change, it would always have a hold on my life.
My problem was I believed only I could win the war of addiction without help. I single-handedly lost that war. I could not get sober.
I turned my life over to God and started the NLRP and my life has blossomed into a joyfulness that I haven’t experienced since I was a young boy. I surrendered myself to my Almighty God and have the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to mold my life into the son, brother, and father that He has planned for me to be. I have no fear of what life gives me because God will always provide a path for me.
When given the opportunity to share his blessings, I do so happily and with so much love, knowing God’s will is working through me.
What I plan to do after graduation is continue my fellowship at Empty Tomb church. I will be living here at Open Door Mission amongst my brothers in a loving and safe environment. I will be giving back to the Mission by volunteering and caring for others just as they have done for me. With solid recovery support and accountability, I plan to achieve goals that were unachievable to me previously and flourish in my quest with God my Lord and Savior.

New Life Recovery Program Graduate

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