Lessons from ‘Night’

I attend high school, and there are many people that speak horribly and disrespectfully to each other. As I recently read Night by Elie Wiesel, I have realized that speaking to others in this way is not okay. However, ending hatred will be nearly impossible to do. But there are things that I can do in my community to spread hope and love instead of hatred.
Giving new or gently used clothing to the less fortunate, or even giving food, matters a lot. Giving the ones without a home a home at night when it is freezing cold, or giving women who have been abused a place to stay is such a great thing.
I truly appreciate what Open Door Mission does for helping the less fortunate. I cannot think of a world without Open Door Mission or other organizations like this that are doing things for others instead of glorifying themselves. What Open Door Mission is doing positively is showing me how divided Omaha is. It frustrates me when people make fun of others for not having as much as they do. Usually it is not their fault that their parents got them in this situation, and we should pick them up instead of shaming them.
Open Door Mission is a great opportunity to volunteer and a good place to give to people who need it more than us. I hope that Open Door Mission continues to show there is good in the darkest corners of Omaha.

Open Door Mission Volunteer

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