Leave a Legacy That Outlives You

Everyone wants to be remembered after they’re gone. Make your mark with an estate gift to Open Door Mission.  Donations are down for many charities. So many are in need and we know that lower donation numbers mean more will go without. Imagine our joy at answering a call to find someone had generously left an estate gift to Open Door Mission.

Someone who, after living an intentional life of empathy and caring for others, left a gift that would continue to positively impact others.  Someone like you.  Today’s demands crowd out tomorrow’s needs. It can be hard to know when and how to donate to the causes you care about. An estate gift asks little more than 15 minutes of your time today, but results in a lasting legacy of kindness to others.

Though our partnership with GiftWise, you now have access to an online platform where you can designate an estate gift to Open Door Mission in a legally-binding will, quickly, for free. See how easy it is to:
– Create a will
– Leave a gift of any size to Open Door Mission
– Assure a meaningful legacy for your family

In less time than it takes to eat lunch, you’ll have the gratitude and satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve made a positive difference in this world. You are helping to feed the hungry and homeless in our community and breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

We’re passing this on as a free resource to you because we value your ongoing support of the important work we do.

Once you start your will, GiftWise will allow you to leave a gift to Open Door Mission. Any size gift will help and won’t be made until after your passing. Your generosity will ensure your legacy lives on and that you continue to make an impact for good in our community.

Get started on your will right HERE!

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