Learning why you volunteer

Dec 10, 2013  |     |   General

Leading Volunteer Orientation three times a week provides me with the blessed opportunity of meeting a wide variety of volunteers.  As we tour the campus, my favorite question to ask individuals is, “Why do you want to volunteer?”  The answers vary greatly, and many of them are truly inspirational.

Just last night a woman shared with me about her grandmother’s stay at the Lydia House.  Open Door Mission helped her take care of her grandson, empowered her to receive her GED, and introduced her to Jesus Christ.  It is through His help that she has now been sober for six years.  The grandson, after receiving tutoring help, has been on the honor role ever since.  Now this woman wants to donate her time to Open Door Mission because she has seen, in her own family, the powerful work God is doing among our residents’ lives.  What a powerful testimony!

Beatrice Kruse
Volunteer and Partner Administrative Assistant