Learning About Generosity…Part 2

Nov 8, 2016  |     |   General

Continued from yesterday, 11/7.

     First of all, they help homeless people who suffer in different ways.  Some women and children are affected by domestic violence, and some single adults are suffering from substance abuse and addiction.  So, those people need a safe place to stay, especially during the winter time when they suffer from extreme cold weather.  When they go to Open Door Mission’s shelter, they find a safe place to sleep.
     In addition, Open Door Mission helps people who are hungry.  They provide three meals a day.  They also give food to people who live in poverty.  Through the generosity of Open Door Mission, those people can solve their problem of insufficient food and save money for utilities.
     Finally, the most important thing that the organization does is changing homeless people’s lives by providing education.  They inspire them to attend the job training and life changing programs.  In the impact, those people graduated from school and they find a better job and life.
     The organization asks for a donation from each person who is fortunate enough to have money who can donate it.  So, when you give a gift as a small amount of money to them, you are helping people who need safe shelter, nutritious meals, and education to change their life.  Perhaps you can help to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

     I hope this warmed your heart like it did mine!  Thank you so much to all donors, volunteers, and friends of Open Door Mission!

Kaylene Powell
Open Door Mission Volunteer