Katie’s Story Part 4

Jan 26, 2016  |     |   General

      After I was released from the hospital, my mother let me stay at her place for a few days.  But she knew I needed to get into a program.  One day she asked if I was ready and I said, “Yes.”  Deep down, I was terrified.  She walked me into Open Door Mission, and I had no clue that this action would change my life forever.
     I was very ill, pacing, throwing up, and not eating—I was in the middle of detox.  But the staff at Open Door Mission accepted me all the same.  They were by my side the whole time.
     One particularly rough morning I saw a staff member.  She joked that I looked, “Grey and deathly.” 
     “Can I pray for you?” she kindly asked. 
     I had my doubts, but was desperate for anything that would help.  So we prayed, and for the first time in my life I listened to the Lord.  Later on in the day, I felt no form of detoxing at all.  I was actually hungry.  How could this be?  I was hardly able to move this morning, but now I felt no effects at all.  This had to be God. 
     Soon I was feeling better and finishing the detoxing process.  I became myself again.  My Child Protective Services workers saw the change in me, and allowed me to get my boys back permanently.  It was such a relief when my case was closed, because I no longer had someone watching over me.  I had my life under control, and I was going to fight for my kids no matter what.
     The last I heard from my husband, he is currently homeless.  I pray that someday he will find the will and understanding of what life can be like without drugs.  He is a great father, and our boys love him so much.  God works in mysterious ways.  If my husband were to find his way to God, I’m sure He would lead him the way He led me.

Former Open Door Mission Resident