Katie’s Story Part 2

Jan 22, 2016  |     |   General

     My husband and I did what we could to keep our children warm, trying to find places to stay where we were not a burden.  We didn’t have the best options, which resorted to long, cold nights sleeping in cars, our storage unit, and drug dealers’ houses.  Sure, we knew this wasn’t healthy for our boys, but what choice did we have?  At this point, we had no way out. We cared more about our drugs than our children, plain and simple.
     My sister in-law let us stay with her for a couple weeks with the condition that we would have a job within the first week.  Of course, my husband and I didn’t care about a job or pleasing her.  We cared only about our next high.  So we stole from her to make money off the items. 

     Then one day, everything changed.  My sister in-law was at work and the boys were at school.  It was only my husband and I in the home when we heard a knock on the door.  We both knew it was Child Protective Services, and we knew they didn’t have good news. Hoping the problem would just go away, we didn’t answer.  After the coast was clear, we found a card on the door directing us to contact the agent immediately.  We called her, and set up an appointment for her to come speak with us at the house.  Not only did she show up, but so did my mother and sister in-law. 
     My husband, the agent, and I sat on the front porch and had a very long conversation. We admitted to everything, and with tears in our eyes stated that we couldn’t take care of our children.  They were to stay with family until we could get our lives together. 
     The agent gave us an hour to pack our things and say goodbye to our children.  This was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  It felt like I was saying goodbye to my children forever.
     As my mother drove us away, tears wouldn’t stop rolling down our cheeks.  My husband and I loved our children and wanted the best for them. But our addiction had gotten the best of us, and we were unsure if we really had the will to quit.

This story will be continued Monday, January 25.

Former Open Door Mission Resident