Just a Bunch of Knuckleheads

Aug 23, 2013  |     |   General

As one might imagine, there is a lot of planning and process at the Open Door Mission. With hundreds of men, women and children on our campus, engaged in numerous programs. We work pretty diligently to keep the wheels not only on the bus, but turning smoothly and efficiently. All that programming and process is vitally important for the health and growth of our students and guests…but….
A wise brother reminded me this week that following Jesus’ example, ministry doesn’t rely on programming but relationship. He told me that Jesus ministry on earth wasn’t a program, but a three year camping trip with a bunch of knuckleheads, that changed life both here and eternally for all of mankind.
I announced this week to the 50 or so men in devotions that I was proud to be a knucklehead, and thrilled to have them with me as fellow knuckleheads. Jesus isn’t calling us to be the most gifted or skilled, just the most willing, and my brothers and I stood together in the chapel and asked Jesus to use our little group of knuckleheads any way He chooses. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

Scot Morris
Permanent Supportive Housing