Journey to God

I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi to Shirley Ann Dankof Page. When I was young, we moved to a small town, Hamburg, Iowa. I started to attend school which I learned quickly I needed to fit in, and found that drinking and using drugs would help.

     I worked many jobs and lost them all due to my substance abuse and lack of self-discipline. I blamed most things on my speech impediment, even though that really wasn’t the problem. I was the problem.
     I soon found myself feeling alone and abandoned from most of my family. I knew deep down that I needed a change, and it needed to happen fast.
     One day I found myself in detox, and was told all about the New Life Recovery Program at Open Door Mission. I joined the program, and from this I learned a lot about myself and others. I have learned that I do not need alcohol or drugs to have a good time or to deal with life’s problems. I also learned I was being self-centered, scared, and shy. Now I don’t have to be scared or need other people’s approval. I know that I need God and the Holy Spirit in my life.
     From myself or to anybody else, we all have so little time on this Earth and what we do with that time is so important to us all.
     My favorite scripture is Colossians 3:13 “Put up with each other. Forgive the things you are holding against one another. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you.” Amen.
Jeffrey McCoy Dankof
New Life Recovery Program Graduate
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