John Lindsey – Case Manager

Feb 16, 2010  |     |   General

Hi, my name is John Lindsey, and I am the Coordinator for the New Life Recovery Program and the Wellness Connection. I have served at Open Door Mission for ten years as a mental health therapist. My new role is exciting and challenging, as I do more case management to engage and equip individuals who are seeking to arrest their addiction issues, and heal from various afflictions they have experienced throughout their life. My job as a servant of Christ is to labor in the power of Spirit to engage and equip these men to learn personal skills, to develop perspectives that will empower them to take a few more steps down the road of life and toward the Lord of life.

Two passages of Scripture I use for the basis of my ministry at Open Door Mission are: Mark 4:13-20 where Jesus informs the Disciples about the spiritual meaning of the parable of the Sower and the Four Soils; and Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians in Chapter 2:14-23, where Paul contrasts the natural man’s wisdom to that of the Spirit’s wisdom in approaching our understanding of spiritual maturity.

Both of these passages provide practical concepts about what prevents people of faith from growing or developing into spiritually mature and responsible believers. It is the concept that we are involved in a process of growing up – not merely events of spiritual enlightenment. In the parable of the Sower and the Four Soils, Jesus gives us understanding that when a person receives the “seed” or Gospel, there are different responses and processes that occur within the person. Just receiving the word does not automatically result in fruitfulness (maturity). The soil or heart condition of the person must be tilled sufficiently before the seed (God’s Word) can produce it’s fruit.

Paul uses two analogies, first of a farmer, and the necessity of planting, watering or cultivating, and then a harvest. The second analogy is of a builder and the importance of the foundation, as well as what materials are used to build upon the foundation; because there is a judgment day coming, which will judge the materials that were used to build a life.

The opportunity I have as a case manager and mental health therapist, is to come along side the men who are in that moment most unlovable. All the external supports and resources that our metro area offers, does not automatically translate into success. For each of us have some barriers that hinder or prevent the working of God’s word to produce fruitfulness of 30, 60 or 100 fold. But when we let Jesus use our hands and hearts, we build and labor to build and rebuild a life, one moment at a time. Please pray for me and for the other Coordinators in Men’s Ministry, as we seek to be God’s workmen. And as Paul charged Timothy, that we may, “Be diligent to present ourselves as approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). John Lindsey New Life Recovery Program Coordinator