Jesus Is Lord and Savior

During devotions in the day room at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, three men made professions of faith in Jesus.
During dinner time while I was on cafeteria supervision, a 62 year old man with a rosary around his neck accepted Jesus in the hallway; his name is Bob.
We had a wonderful chapel service at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center where I led the singing and prayer. Terry, our new staff member, did a great job sharing the word from Jeremiah 29:11. I closed the service with a short Gospel presentation and prayer resulting in one man accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and one man reaffirmed his faith in Christ.
Terry prayed with these two young men after the service. To God alone be all the glory for Jesus wonderful grace changing lives!! Please pray for growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ as we follow these men up. 2 Peter 3:18, Psalm 115:1, Romans 1:16

Ed Schoenberger 
Garland Thompson Men’s Center Floor Support

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