Jam Makes a Sweet Offering for Open Door Mission

Sep 2, 2011  |     |   General

If you think you can’t do anything or are too old to help Open Door Mission you need to meet Neva. Neva is a very sweet elderly lady that resides at Pacific Springs. She does what she does best (in my personal opinion)-she makes delicious jams. I have tasted her jams and they are very good. Neva then sells her jams to other residents and those that appreciate homemade jam in flavors you won’t find in a grocery store. She could use the money for herself but she donates the jam proceeds to Open Door Mission.
Neva can’t stand and sort clothes, she can’t lift heavy boxes, she doesn’t teach a class, but she fills a need by making jam. Neva also donates books and Bible learning materials for the children at Lydia House. So even if you think you are too old or can’t do anything you can. Neva proves that all the time by doing what she does best, caring for the homeless and near homeless. Check out our website to see how you can make a difference – www.opendoormission.org
Maggie Cope
Communications Coordinator