It’s No Bologna-We Need Your Help

October 24th is National Bologna Day! Did you know you can make a difference with a package of bologna and a couple hours of your time?  Every Monday through Friday Open Door Mission makes 500 to 1,000 sack lunches for our guests and those on the street. Our van goes out into the community to deliver sack lunches to families or individuals. Most of the time the sandwich is the standard peanut butter (jelly if we have it). What a treat to have a bologna (or any lunch meat) sandwich. There is joy in making lunches as you make new friends.

So if your bologna has a first name or not, please brings a package of bologna and help make sack lunches. If you are not a bologna person feel free to bring you favorite lunch meat. We can also use sweet, salty or savory snacks to supplement the sandwich lunches. Even if you can’t help provide food for the lunches, your time is appreciated. Your simple act of making a lunch can give someone hope.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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