It Is Not Our Job

Sep 11, 2010  |     |   General

LORD thank you for not holding us responsible for making the flowers grow. Of course, ours is the task of tilling the soil and planting the seeds. We must even do the watering and weed pulling, but GOD the ultimate responsibility and the timing of the flowers growing is yours.

I live in North Omaha and my route of travel often takes me off the beaten path. Several days ago while traversing one such route; I passed a local drinking hole. I call it this because the site is a huge tree and beneath it there are makeshift tables with milk crates and buckets for chairs. Many of the locals visit the site early and stay long into the evening–drinking and gambling.

As I passed, my attention was drawn to a familiar figure holding a beer. I recognized a recent graduate of the New Life Recovery program. I stopped and I tried to identify my feelings–hurt and sorrow. I remembered the joy and celebration of Open Door Mission’s graduation. The client shaking hands and smiling and his family hugging and laughing. They were bursting with pride and joy, full of hope and wishing for brighter days. As I stood there contemplating, our eyes met and I could see his hurt and his heart melt. He lowered his head, turned and walked away.

I could not stop thinking about the encounter and eventually, I had to address it. I prayed and asked God for direction and insight. I found that I was guilty of holding myself responsible for making the flowers grow. I was also blind to the fact that the seed is planted and GOD is in control. I had looked upon the former client’s condition as a completed work and the conclusion of his story.

LORD thank you for the experience and the opening of my eyes.

Jessie Powell
Men’s Emergency Services Coordinator

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