Initiative 421

Oct 20, 2006  |     |   General

Yesterday Open Door Mission hosted an informative luncheon on behalf of Gambling With The Good Life concerning Initiative 421 . About sixty-five clergy and non-profit representatives were present.

Each night at Open Door Mission, we sleep more than 300 men, women and children. We serve over 700 meals per day. Unfortunately, Open Door Mission turns away more than 140 families and 90 single women each month. We serve hundreds in our outreach preventive programs to the nearly homeless.

The Open Door Mission has witnessed first hand the effects of gambling on men and women and their children. The passing of more keno availability will only lead to the continued decay of the nucleus family.

21% of the homeless population that Open Door Mission serves willingly admit that they have a chronic to severe gambling addiction that has led to the inability to earn a liveable wage.

A most recent study by Dr. Robert Goodman of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst says that 86% of all compulsive gamblers become involved in crimes such as embezzlement and forgery to support their habit. The State of Nebraska and the City of Omaha cannnot afford an increase in crime or homelessness. The development of downtown Omaha will have far more problems than panhandling and garbage on the streets if Initiative 421 allowing video keno is passed.

The Open Door Mission has many victims that are an example of all forms of gambling. Video Keno slot machines will just be another negative vice-grip on the family.

Vote NO on Initiative 421.