In the Lions’ Den

Daniel was a man dedicated to the Lord, even defying a King and his rules. I am not advocating we defy laws that are set in place, but how much do we trust the Lord? Are you willing to go into the lions’ den? Trusting God to fight your battles is a hard concept to accept when you have been fighting the battles by yourself for far too long. Those that come to Open Door Mission seeking a new life have often fought battles that would defeat most of us. In many cases I have heard stories of abuse from early childhood to present day. Unfortunately in most of these cases the abuse came from those that were supposed to love and protect them. The abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social or any combination of them.

Through the New Life Recovery program our students learn to trust God’s love for them and to be dedicated to His new life for them. Trusting God to fight the battles gives them the strength to walk into their personal lions’ den.  Sometimes the lions are called drugs, depression, PTSD, mental illness and a host of sex crimes. Facing these lions is impossible on their own, but the students grow in their knowledge of God and begin comprehend His great love for them. In this strength, the students can face the lions’ den daily and walk away strong and confident in God’s love and protection.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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