In Conflict Management Class

Nov 2, 2017  |     |   General

     I recently had the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon doing something that I love to do – talking with, and ministering to a woman who was just getting ready to graduate from our New Life Recovery Program. But this wasn’t just any programmer. Lisa was special to me.
     The Lord had laid her on my heart the day that I first saw her in my Conflict Management class. I remember her sitting in an out of the way corner, and trying not to be seen. Her head down. Her hat on. For whatever reason, my eye kept being drawn to her.

     When she finally came up to the table at the end of the class to have her sheet signed, I stopped. I turned to her, and looked into her eyes. I gently placed my hand on the top of hers and said “How ya doin’ sister”? She replied, “Fine” and looked at me quickly with a half-smile but looked back down. I asked if she wanted me to pray for her in any way, and she replied, “Nope, I’m okay.” She grabbed her sheet and left the classroom. 
     Once the classroom emptied out, I was surprised that she came back. “I think I left too soon,” she said. I turned my chair and pulled one up for her right across from me. As she sat down I grabbed her hands and asked her if she knew Jesus. We talked and I told her how much He loves her and wants the very best for her if she will only trust Him with her future. I prayed for her right there. That was nearly a year ago. 
     When I saw Lisa recently and had the time to talk with her, it was hard to believe that it was the same person. Lisa told me that she has never been more content, or felt more at peace. Her wisdom, and ability to trust the Lord in all things was just astounding. The Lord had done an amazing work in Lisa. This is why we do what we do. Changed lives that have eternal value. All glory to Him!

Meredith Seaman
Heartland Circle Coordinator