“I Can’t Believe…”

One of my jobs at Open Door Mission is to answer the main phone line. I loved the job because I touch a person’s life for just a brief second. I hear all kinds of voices…angry/frustrated, desperate, pleading, and weary to name a few. Sometimes I can laugh with the caller and sometimes I get to pray with the caller. Every day I run the emotional gamut of people seeking help and hope. The other day a young man called and asked what time we served our meals. He had just gotten a new job, but had been without a paycheck for a while. I told him he was welcome to eat either lunch or dinner or both. He was flabbergasted he could join us at both meals, and not have to pay! I then let him know about the Timberlake Outreach Center where he could get a pantry, clothing and household items. This young was in tears, saying over and over…”I can’t believe you all give so much. I can’t believe I can have 2 meals. I can’t believe I am being so blessed.”

Blessed, yes that is what Open Door Mission does every day in so many ways, to so many people in need. When you donate your gently used household items (including furniture and appliances) someone can make a house a home. When you donate clothing, someone may find the perfect outfit for a job interview. When you donate food you feed someone like the young man that called. You, the community, are ones that make the difference. Check out our website: www.opendoormission.org, to find a perfect way you can help, donating or volunteering.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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