Hurting Mothers

May 11, 2019  |     |   General

There are so many reason for mothers to hurt. At Lydia House, as in the world, we have all kinds of hurting mothers too. There are the women who long to cradle a child in their body and arms, yet suffer loss after loss. There are the mothers that are estranged from their children, young or grown, the hurt is the same. There are mothers whose children have died far too soon…some by violence, some by illness. No matter why they are hurting, the pain is real, the ache to hold a child in your arms will always there. There are mothers who long to reunite with children taken from them because of bad choices. These hurting women need your prayers.

Hurting Mother Prayer:

Dear Father, please surround all the hurting mothers with Your love. They are not only hurting, but struggling with fear and worry, often doubting You, thinking they have been forgotten.

Remind them, Lord, that anything is possible for You. Their tears and pleas are not lost on You. For those grieving comfort them. Surround them your peace and strength to face the days ahead.  Surround them, Lord, with people that pray for them,  empathize and sympathize with them, people that will share their burden and provide Christian love. May we encourage these mothers to see that you love them and your grace and mercy will sooth their hurting hearts. Even though we cannot answer all their “whys”, help us to keep them strong in Your love and seek Your plan for their life. Amen



Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator