Humbled…Part 1

Nov 13, 2015  |     |   General

22 Graduates wearing those 22 caps and gowns.

     I wish I could bottle up the emotions I felt while attending Graduation.  I truly believe that as each day ticks by, we miss precious moments.  Graduation was my reminder that I need to view the world through my heart, and not my eyes.  
     I remember feeling inconvenienced that morning, as I picked up the graduates’ cap and gowns.  On a normal occasion, I would have pulled up front, run in, grabbed the gowns, and head back to the Mission.  On the morning of Graduation Day, however I was told to go around to the back of the building.  Ugh!  Seriously?  I walked back to my car, waited for traffic to clear enough to turn around, and drove to the back of the building. 
     When I eventually found my spot, I was greeted by a disheveled man standing on the dock, with our rack of 22 graduate gowns.  I greeted him, and he helped load them into my car.  Then he turned to me, looked straight into my eyes, took my hand, and said, “Thank you.  Thank you for doing what you do.”  I knew it was me, personally, that he was thanking for doing what I do; it was all of us, it was Open Door Mission.  It was the look in his eyes that spoke to my heart.  He didn’t express why he was thanking me, but I knew that at some point, somehow, someone he knew we must have helped.
     I left humbled and appreciative that I had to go around to the back.  

Jennifer VanLaningham
Administrative Assistant