Hug Your Kid Day

Today is “Hug Your Kid” day, a great time to get in some extra hugs. The best thing about hugging your child is you get a hug too. In a recent Parenting Class we discussed the importance of parent-child bonding, especially hugging. All of us were surprised how much good just a 20 second hug can do.

The simple 20 second helps a child grow smarter, more resilient, happier and healthier. The bonding also a great benefit. A hug provides stimulation that helps brain growth, and all parents want smarter kids. Gentle hugging provides the right stimulation for physical growth also, preventing the “failure to thrive” syndrome. The oxytocin levels increase when anyone is hugged; but especially important for children…it boosts their immune system.

The best way to stop a child’s tantrum, try a loving hug. Hugs help a child’s emotional health. Most children cannot yet self-regulate their emotions. A loving hug helps them learn to regulate emotions, feel safe and loved. Hugged children tend to be more optimistic and have good self-esteem. When you hug your child you increase trust in the relationship. The parent-child relationship has a positive bonding and secure attachment …that can last a lifetime. Hugging is a great asset to have in your parenting. Make sure you hug your child every day.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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