Hug a GI Day

Mar 4, 2020  |     |   General

Today is Hug a GI day, but we need to do more than just hug them to show our appreciation. Open Door Mission is proud to be a “Veteran’s First” housing center. The number of homeless vets is rising as more men return from serving our country. Open Door Mission serves not only the veterans, but their families too. We “hug” the veterans in many ways.

When soldiers are serving, either here or abroad, we help them stretch their budget with the Timberlake Outreach Center and the other 2 outreach centers in Elkhorn and Council Bluffs. The only qualification is that they have the need. They are also eligible for the Thanksgiving and Christmas give-a-ways. The children and families of soldiers/veterans need to be cared for and loved on also.

We serve homeless veterans by providing a safe shelter first and foremost. Our case managers in the Garland Thompson Men’s Center work closely with the VA Hospital and Veterans’ Affairs to make sure they are served after their service. Many of our veterans come with addiction problems…from the horrors they have seen and/or chronic pain from wounds. Some of their wound are mentally and we help them get the help they need. Open Door Mission is proud to be here for our soldiers and veterans. If you would like to help check out our website.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator