How Would You Like to Wear Some One Else’s Underwear?

Today is National Underwear Day! People don’t often talk about underwear, after all is a private thing. In the past 15+ years I have learned to speak out and up about underwear. Whether I am speaking to kindergartners or Senior citizens I love to ask the question… How Would You Like to Wear Some One Else’s Underwear? No matter the age, the reaction is the same…NO! The question brings to light a great need at Open Door Mission, the need for new underwear.

We have all sizes, all shapes, all types and all ages at Open Door Mission. We can use underwear for “large men”, young girls, teen boys, petite women and even infants.  I can guarantee if you buy just about any type of underwear we will find it is the perfect match for one of our guests. Have an Underwear Get-Together, serve snacks and have everyone bring new underwear for the Mission. See which department in the office building can bring the most donations of underwear. Maybe the Vacation Bible School kids can make an offering to their local mission, Open Door Mission, of kids’ underwear. (You can even have someone from Open Door Mission come and share about our mission and our needs.)  Make a difference with a special donation…new underwear! Your donations will be much appreciated by those in need.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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