How Far Will You Go

Sep 3, 2011  |     |   General

Case management is a significant service we provide our men – it the Gospel in shoe leather. For one man, named Dennis, who has been at the Mission for over six years, aimless and mentally unable to take care of himself.
An opportunity to work with other Missions is few and far between. But several months ago we were able to send one of our men down to another Rescue Mission, and then a couple a of weeks later they requested if they could send one of their men to us.
In the journey of Recovery, there are times when a person needs to remove themselves from the familiar surrounding in their pursuit of sobriety. It is not that there are no temptations in a new city, but a geographical change can be that extra nudge for a person in maintaining their commitment to live for the Lord and to live soberly.
The question, “how far will you go to achieve your goals in life?” can be answered in part, I am willing to go to a different city.
John Lindsey
Coordinator for the New Life Recovery Program and Wellness Connection