How Do You Celebrate Easter?

Growing up, I always celebrated Easter day the same way every year. This included dressing nice, going to church, eating a good meal afterward, and then doing an egg hunt with my relatives. It was fun but I certainly would not say that I gained an understanding of the true significance of Easter which is the resurrection of our risen savior, Jesus. When I met my wife in 2015, I can recall the first Easter I had with them. It started on Friday and immediately I noticed the reverence they carried for the upcoming weekend. Set with scripture and a good Friday service, it truly gave me a new perspective on the importance of Easter. The best part of this new aspect was Easter Sunday morning. When we went over to my wife’s parents house, it was a celebration! They treated Easter day as if it were Christmas but I soon found out, they treated it even better than Christmas day. With presents, rejoicing, thanksgiving, and hope, my wife and her family had gladness in their souls because that was a day of remembrance when Jesus came and paid OUR ransom. It was a celebration of freedom from sin and bondage. Though, I was taught the meaning of Easter, I still did not understand until I saw it acted out by a group of people that truly believed its purpose. This Easter, we give thanks to our redeeming God for giving us His Son!

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