I recently spoke at Millard West High School. Teacher Amy Mach has me come every semester to share with her students about poverty, homelessness and Open Door Mission. At the end of the class the students write me a 3-6 sentence “note” about what they learned, changed attitude and of course critiques. I received this note from Annabella, it made me change my outlook about Open Door Mission.

Annabella: “I learned a lot and I do look at things differently. This makes me want to donate to the people that are not as lucky. The reasons why people are there (Open Door Mission) is not because there (sic) poor, it’s because they have hope for a better life.”

I love Annabella’s approach that people are not just looking for an easy way out, but looking  to find a better life,

one full of hope. At Open Door Mission addicts can find free help to overcome their addictions. They programs work on their strengths giving hope they will stay clean. For the victims of domestic violence we are safe shelter. A place to rest and see hope at the end of a long tunnel of fear. For the struggling working poor we are able to provide, thanks to generous donors, immediate help with furniture, house hold items and groceries… that they get to choose. Single moms and dads see a safe home, children fed healthy meals and consistency that helps them get back into society.

At Open Door Mission we serve the homeless, the hungry, the hurting and anyone looking to see that God truly has a plan for their life…a life filled with hope. Come take a tour or volunteer…share the hope.


Maggie Cope
Donor Relations Coordinator

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