Hope Tote’s and More

May 30, 2007  |     |   General

I had such a great time recently picking up Hope Totes from Marriot. Their employees are such great givers. They packed the totes full with all kinds of personal care items. My car was loaded down. The front seat, back seat and the trunk! What a blessing. I couldn’t make it back to the office to unload until the next day so I got the added bonus of enjoying the aroma of the soaps and perfumes for another day. Knowing that each item in the totes was selected specifically to bless a needy man, women or child made my day even more special. What a privilege it is to work with partners like Marriot who make a difference in so many lives. If you’d like to hear about some other creative ways that your business can make a difference – give me a call at 829-1522. Blessings! Brenda Banks, Business Relations Director