Hope for Tomorrow

As the Covid-19 Pandemic has continued its course in history, many people have been greatly affected by its destructive nature. It has been up to the many doctors, nurses, essential workers, and We the People to meet its great challenge in combating this virus. Serving deep in the front lines for our homeless shelter is Terry, the Health and Wellness Clinic Director, along with Julianna and Mary who have been leading advocates for our homeless guests residing at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center and the Lydia House. When the virus arrived in America, Terry and Open Door Mission Leadership had already begun preparing for the worst possible outcome. When the first positive case was detected in our shelter, Terry and the ODM staff responded with swift and careful action. Implementing shelter-in-place, Covid-19 Educational sessions for staff, mandatory temperature checks, mask wearing, as well as designing quarantine rooms. After 27 days, the Open Door Mission was Covid-19 free. Now as we peer ahead, the Open Door Mission’s staff unrelenting hard work offers Terry hope for a successful transition to re-opening our shelter in a safe manner. Donors and those considering to volunteer can search on the Open Door Mission website for information on how to help us in this time of need.

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