HOPE Begins With a Meal…Part 2

Nov 14, 2016  |     |   General

Continued from Thursday, 11/10.

     God gave Robert a vision of what his future could look like in two different scenarios.  “One was very dark, but the higher road was full of light,” said Robert.  “God lead me to the higher road.”
     Finally ready to make a change, Robert’s friend dropped him off at Open Door Mission, where he joined the Veterans First Program.  It all started with a hot, nutritious meal in Open Door Mission’s cafeteria.  That first meal inspired HOPE for lasting change in Robert.  At first the program was scary; having to confront real obstacles and issues in his life, but eventually the Lord granted Robert freedom.
     “I realized that when I go, the things I have won’t come with me,” Robert said.  “What matters is my relationship with Jesus.”  Robert has truly submitted his life to God.
     At graduation, Robert received a pin that states, “Courageous.”  This inspired Robert to be a better father and grandfather.  He used to be absent, but reconciled and now visits his family (including five grandkids) regularly.
     Currently, Robert is employed full time, is active in the community, and maintains his home.  As a former chef, Robert knows the difference a meal can make.  This is especially true at Open Door Mission as HOPE begins with a meal.  Thank you for your support in providing HOPE for the hungry.

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator