HOPE Begins with a Meal…Part 1

Nov 10, 2016  |     |   General

     Robert spent over twenty years serving his country in the Army National Guard.  But now he is learning to serve his Lord and Savior.
     Throughout his life, Robert has kept to himself.  As a child, he grew up under the care of his grandparents.  His mother was very young when he was born, and his father was completely out of the picture.  “I grew up in front of a TV set,” described Robert.
     He kept to himself through high school, but shortly after graduating he joined something bigger than himself.  Robert was recruited to the Army National Guard.
     For the first year, Robert performed administrative duties, then was transferred to being a cook.  He started with no experience or knowledge, but soon learned how to provide good meals for hundreds of men.  Robert served his country diligently and proudly, not giving up even on the hardest of days.
     What began as a way to make money grew into a place for Robert to belong.  “I enjoyed being in the service and holding responsibility for my country.”
     However when Robert retired from the Army National Guard, life was not as you’d expect for someone who had faithfully served for over twenty years.  Losing sight of who he was, Robert began drinking heavily which compiled with other circumstances lead to him hitting rock bottom.

To be continued Monday, 11/14.

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator