Homeless Frontline Report – Amy Grills Intake Case Manger

Oct 26, 2007  |     |   General

Just wanted to share with you how good God is and how He is working in our clients’ lives!

I had a couple who have been coming in for the last 3-4 months that were staying at NP Dodge Park.

They work Temp jobs and their car broke down and they were paying someone $15/day to take them to the transit center on 30th & Ames so they could catch a bus to work, then when they got off work they walked 1 ½ miles from where the bus dropped them off to their tent for the night.

They were 4 days away from homelessness (because NP Dodge Park closes for the winter) when a gal that they had started chatting with came and offered them a 3 bedroom duplex RENT FREE for 6 months ON THE BUS LINE. Not only that, but the Duplex had a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer and BED already.

I can tell you that we prayed together many times for housing for them and for transportation. They do not know the Lord personally, but He is drawing them to Him. The husband acknowledged that only God can provide this type of provision at just the right time. Isn’t that awesome???

I just thought you might get the same warm feeling I did when I heard about this and had the chance to pray with them and thank God for His goodness all the time!!

Have a good weekend!

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