Homeless Children Get Ready To Go Back To School

Aug 18, 2008  |     |   General

Excerpt taken from action 3 news. – http://www.action3news.com/global/story.asp?s=8847715

Omaha, NE- Most of us take the little things for granted, like a new outfit or a fresh haircut. But that’s not the case for many right here in Omaha. There’s a program with the Open Door Mission called “Summer of Hope”, getting homeless kids ready to go back to school.

The kids don’t always get to go to a salon for a fresh haircut. The stylists at Turning Heads Salon were more than happy to pick up their shears to create special dos for the special kids, for free. Darlene Nanfito says, “I feel we’re getting so much more than what we’re giving. It’s a really good feeling. It makes us feel good.”

The almost two dozen children are homeless and the haircuts help them get ready to go back to school. Open Door Mission President Candace Gregory says, “Many are fearful of going to school and people finding out they’re homeless. Today, they’ll be like every other child in Omaha and get ready for school.”Remember, when you head back to school, you need a new outfit. That’s where Target Stores step in, giving the kids news shoes and more than one ensemble for school. There are even more smiles, as these kids are used to having hand me downs. Gregory says, “At the Open Door Mission, we want to stress staying in school and to not do drugs and we believe education is the key to bringing homelessness to an end.”

An end that could start when they walk into classroom– with their new looks! At the Lydia House, there are 60-100 children, from infants to age 18. Open Door Mission is always looking for volunteers and donations. Call 402-422-1111. Reported by Michelle Bandur; michelle@action3news.com

Thank You Target, and Turning Heads Salon for your support of Open Door Mission.