History Makers

Jun 30, 2015  |     |   General

     I heard a story about a man who donated a jersey to a charity in his home town.  A few months later, while serving as a missionary, he ran across the same jersey he had donated. In awe, the two met, and history was made.  
     In a quick web search I’ve found a few other stories just like this one.  Then I began to wonder, if donated items could speak what story would they tell?  Would they speak of a young child giving a brand new toy to a child who does not have any of his own?  Would they speak of the warm-hearted woman who donated gloves to warm the homeless man in a nation around the globe?  What would be the story of these donated items?
     Part of my position is to record the Gift in Kind items (donations other than financial) that are donated.  As I enter each item into our database, I think of the story behind each one. Whether it be a toy, shirt, or desk, behind each item, a story of person’s generosity is told.  Each comes wrapped in its own fashion of love, care, and compassion.  Such kindness inspires HOPE of lasting change, impacting more stories than one could ever know about.  Won’t you consider being a history maker?
     Click here for more information about our urgent Gift in Kind needs.

Chris Yelinko
Development Associate