Highs and Lows

This job is not always easy and at some points,  there are a lot of lows. So, I make sure to take time to celebrate the high points of peoples lives when they are shared with me.

– I have messages from a tenant who is moving out. He is moving into a house he is buying. High point!

– I have a friend whose aunt and uncle were just killed in a car wreck. Low point.

– I have messages from a volunteer who’s kids are getting married and getting jobs and doing well! High point.

– I have men elaving our program from bad decisions they continue in. Low point.

– I have a guest who completed step 4 with their sponsor and their whole outlook on life has shifted towards hope happiness. High point.

In our prayers, we need to pray for the Highs and Lows of those we serve and serve with.

In our interactions, we need to remember that people are on highs and lows in their life and that different people are on highs, and others on lows. I challenge you to think and pray on it.

Taylor Clinch 
Rebuilding Lives Center Director

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