Heartland Festival

Jul 18, 2007  |     |   General

History was made for the Kingdom of God.Were you there? What do you think?

Have you seen the video???

PRAISE God for 105,000 people who attended the two-day Heartland Festival on the Qwest Center Omaha grounds.

PRAISE God for over 5,500 decisions. This is one of the highest number of decisions for any American festivals.

PRAISE God for outstanding media coverage from the two largest daily newspapers in the state of Nebraska plus extensive television coverage with “live” on-site reports before and during the Festival.

PRAISE God for 4 sold-out affinity lunches and a great number of decisions.

PRAISE God for a great volunteer force and Festival Friends (counselors).

PRAY for every individual who made a decision to follow Jesus Christ for the first time or made a recommitment of their faith. PRAY, also, for those who are seeking more information about a relationship with Jesus.

PRAY for the many congregations that have committed to following up the decision makers that they’ll be diligent about the process and work at incorporating them into a local congregation.

PRAY for the churches, parishes and ministries of the Heartland that the spirit of cooperation, outreach, prayer and fellowship will continue and grow.