Healthy Discipleship

Aug 28, 2017  |     |   General

     Last week, David blogged about a conversation with a man in our New Life Recovery Program named Gary. I recently met with Gary, and wanted to share a little about the progress he has made.
     When I met with Gary, he told me about his meeting with David. He said the two of them ended up talking for two and a half hours, though it only felt like 15 minutes. He had been dealing with a grudge and hatred towards God because of his Mom’s death. This lasted for over 20 years.
     After talking with Pastor David, Gary was able to let the burden go and open his heart to God. He no longer resents God, but loves the Lord. He can’t understand it, but he knows he believes in the Lord.
     On Sunday, Gary attended Calvary Church. The Pastor talked about throwing rocks at a house. Gary said someone from behind him grabbed his shoulder and said, “We’ve thrown a few rocks haven’t we.” That man was Pat, our Men’s Emergency Services Director. Gary said he had to laugh, and laughed as he shared this story. It is clear to see that Gary is genuinely enjoying the program now. 
     Together we went over his memory verses, and he seems to be doing well. I also talked to him about being baptized. I encouraged him to read Romans 6 and also talk with people he trusts about making this decision.
     The reason I am sharing this is to encourage you that people’s lives are being transformed over here. And it’s not just a one and done experience, but rather a journey. And Open Door Mission staff members are here to walk these men and women through each step of that journey. That’s called discipleship. And Gary’s growth, his movement towards considering baptism is a sign of healthy discipleship!
     I did nothing but listen to what Gary had to say. The Spirit of God was in my office with us. He was genuinely excited, unable to contain the joy of the Lord. 
     Let’s give a shout out for Gary, the Lord, David, and all Open Door Mission staff members and volunteers who are discipling every day. And thank you to all who have prayed for Gary. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Greg Johnston
Health Care Case Manager