Guest Blogger – What I do in a day

Aug 6, 2007  |     |   General

Hi folks,
My name is Dan Applegate. I am Director of Community Services at the Open Door Mission. You might wonder what the Director of Community Services actually does in a typical day. Let me start by saying it’s not a suit and tie position. I normally use the casual dress approach.

Friday the 3rd started off by shuffling staff to cover all the bases. We were a little short handed but we just tough it out. That’s a huge advantage for me. I have a great staff that seems to just will themselves to do great things.

Friday’s Kings Kloset crowd was a little larger than usual. It was extremely busy partly because mothers are school clothes shopping for their kids. This time of year is very costly for single mothers with kids and families. They struggle trying to balance a very small budget in trying to get the kids ready for school.

Food pantry boxes have been very overwhelming at the Timberlake Outreach center the last 30 days. We have given out more food pantry boxes than ever before. When the kids are out of school the food bills go up. Most families just need a little help to make ends meet. We are very privileged to help meet the needs of the working poor.

Next were the mounds of paperwork. Gives me a chance to catch my breathe. Next is time at the warehouse and at the food pantry warehouse. These areas are always busy with clothes and food donations. They need to be sorted and distributed to the people who are in need. This is a never ending task only because the need is great. We desperately need your help with food. Our shelves are pretty bare.

Next up would be to see what areas I can assist my staff. Sometimes I am amazed at how well they meet the needs of the working poor. They work extremely hard and constantly give of themselves to help others. When asked “can I help you?” one step-mother of 5 just burst into tears. Another young man stopped by to give the staff a formal “thank you” because we showed him compassion 2 years ago.

Other than that I don’t do much of anything. Stop by and see me. I would love to show you around the mission and maybe you will see an area that you might like to volunteer in.

Thanks again for all your prayers and God bless you all.