Guest Blogger Men’s Director Stan Latta

Jul 17, 2007  |     |   General

We just completed a week here in Men’s Recovery which reminds us of God’s unfinished business. God seems to have a theme for every week! This week we have seen three of our men follow the commandments of our Lord by way of baptism. You can say congratulations to Scott, Eric and Phil when you see them and let them know that you’re excited for them and also encourage them to continue on. You may not know it and the men may not show it (hey, maybe I should change my report to poetic style) but, the men really do need it and it really does mean a lot to them to hear it from you.

It seems like every week, we hear from one of our former men who wants to return and that is true again this week. It really encourages the staff here to see guys return and make a second effort when they leave us unsuccessfully the first time. It takes so much courage and integrity for the men to do that.

John Lindsey, Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Therapist in Men’s Ministry, heard from one of our former men who we helped get to the Mission in Kansas, City. He reported doing extremely well down there. You know, we really don’t care where they are placed at; we do care if they are doing well and living healthy there, so that’s always great to hear. Speaking of the apostle John (actually that’s just our nickname for him here), he did a radio interview with Candace on Thursday, hope you were tuned in. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the first time our therapist did an entire radio interview by himself. As you have already suspected, he did an incredible job. No surprise there, huh?

What may surprise you (and then again it may not) is that the quality of our men was once again reflected in their work patterns today at the Luis Palau Festival where they were volunteering time as a group. Not only did some of the men comment on how much they were enjoying the time, but they also finished incredibly early. I kept telling them to slow down or the work would run out (but why should they listen to the director?) Well that’s literally what happened! The event manager came to me and said, ”Sorry, but we’ve given you everything possible to keep you busy, but we really have ran out of things to do, everything is done early this time and that’s rare! He was extremely complimentary about the amount and the quality of work the men did. My only dilemma is the temptation to talk about how that reflects on the staff, so, while I’m still ahead of that temptation, I’ll leave all the well deserved credit to our men (but it really is a temptation). They will be back on Monday to start the first day of tearing down and I’m sure that will be a long day to make up for the short one today.

Likewise, I and the rest of the staff here will be volunteering our time this weekend and hopefully, we can reflect as well upon the Mission and our Lord as the men did! Praise Him!