Guest Blogger..Hello Open Door Missionaries,

Aug 1, 2007  |     |   General

Open Door Mission - Men's MinistryYou know, I’ve been sitting here thinking (kinda scary already, huh?) Well, it rained today and that was symbolic of the rainstorm of ideas that my staff sent me for this praise report when I asked them earlier this week! Wow, which droplet would you like first?

Since we’re on the subject of water, I’d like to thank God for faithful program men like Marshall and Mike for faithfully watering the garden out back every night without being asked or reminded to. We here at Men’s Recovery really appreciate the job they’re doing.

Speaking of jobs, Chad has been with our Step-Up program for only one week and has already landed a job. To top that, Mike got a second job this week. Fred went from a part-time to a full-time position at his job.

As most of you know already Dick Arant started on Monday as our full-time AfterCare Casemanager. He has been working hard and already has put together some future visions he would like to see fulfilled. It was really neat to see how excited the men were to see him come on board. Many of the men pitched in and helped him move in and start organizing his office.

Open Door Mission - Men's MinistryThat makes it a truly historical event in Men’s Recovery, not only do we have a full staff now, but we also have the largest recovery staff of all time here at ODM.

However, what I am really excited and thankful for is the quality of the men we have on staff. Sure, sure, I know the director is supposed to say glowing things about his staff, but it’s really exciting when you can really mean it as well, I very much do.! I would openly invite anyone to come down and visit and meet the staff, even talk to our men about them. They would tell you that the best thing about this truly qualified staff is that each one of them sincerely cares about the men in our programs. You can’t buy that or teach that.

Indeed God truly provides. Jesse learned that this week when he acquired a vehicle that was a genuine answer to prayer. He not only provides, but He restores. Luke learned that as well this week when he took the courage to call a sister that he had not even spoken to in 15 years, due to feeling very alienated towards each other.

After setting a time and calling her, God was overwhelmingly redemptive in helping those two in restoring their relationship. I told you, when it rains, it pours.

One of the men led devotions today, and he gave an illustration about us getting to heaven and Jesus taking us to a huge warehouse full of items from top to bottom, when we ask what all that stuff is, He answers,” That’s everything that you failed to ask for”. Well, if He’s been this faithful, let’s pray that the staff and the men keep on asking again next week.

God Bless You
Stan Latta, Men’s Ministry Director