Guest Blogger…First we address physical needs

Aug 1, 2007  |     |   General

Coming to work as a Case Manager in the Lydia House with women and families and their children brings many opportunities to show God’s love. A mother with 9 children showed up at the Open Door Mission, during my shift. We were full to overflowing but it was hot and they were sleeping in their car. I gave them our family lounge which is not very big and they had to crowd in and sleep on the floor. They were very grateful for a safe place to stay. Last week a married couple needed a place because they were sleeping in their truck. On Tuesday, I was able to provide them with a room.

Many times in order for people to be ready to hear the Gospel, we need to see to their physical needs. I am privileged to be able to do that and then ask God for the opportunity to share Jesus with them.

Thank You, and God Bless You

Ruth Forrester, Lydia House Family Ministry and Emergency Services Case Manager at Open Door Mission.