Guest Blogger Carol on Volunteers

July 17, 2007  |     |   General

Here is a praise report from the Volunteer and Partner Department.

We had a group of 19 people from Kansas City,Mo called Young Neighbors in Action.

Today is one of the volunteers 21st birthday. I walked up to him and commented that it was so kind of him to spend his B-day here @ the Open Door Mission. He said to me that he could not think of any place he would rather be than the Open Door Mission. You know I must admit this -I start crying tears of joy. We all are so Blessed .

Yulice, Open Door Mission’s Volunteer and Partner Associate, had 10 volunteers with her on the Streets of Omaha. The sandbox was cleaned. Jim, Open Door Mission’s Food Service staff, got a lot done in the pantry area with volunteers. We put clothes away in the Timbe lake Outreach Center. Last but not least we even got some weeding done in the garden.

What a busy GREAT DAY in the Volunteer and Partner Department. This is how GREAT Volunteers partner with the Open Door Mission to make a difference !!! Volunteers ROCK!!!