Guest Blogger – After Care

Aug 12, 2007  |     |   General

It has been an exciting time in the Lydia House Recovery Program for the month of August. For the first time in my life I spoke on KCRO Radio station with several of our Journey to Work Program Members. I can tell you that I wasn’t prepared because I didn’t know that I was to talk briefly about the Professional Developement Class and how important it is for people in our programs to know how to successfully get employment. In no time, I did it, and I bet I could do it again with a little prepartion.

I had the opportunity to attend a confrence in Lincoln, Nebraska regarding how to help those who are homeless to get permanent housing. There lots of issues like who are funding these projects, remodeling existing buildings, case management support for indiviuals and how to help those with mental illness. I found the Personality Disorder particulary intersting, becuase this helped me to understand better the population that we serve wth mental illness.

Even more exciting, I began to train an equip two new staff members as case managers in the Lydia House Recovery Program. It has helped me to think about all the information that seems to come so easily because I have been woking and ministering at the Open Door Mission for 14 years. I discovered that I needed to make a check list of all that I do, so I could be more effective. It has helped. My goal is complete the training and work full-time in the 18 month After Care Program for those who have graduated from our New Life Recovery Program. I am really excited that I will be working with Dick Erant the Men’s After Care Case Manager. He is a great asset to the Open Door Mission.

I am going to sighn off now, because I realized that I could go on and on about the great things that happening in my life at the Open Door Mission.

In Christ Love and Care,

Deb Wylie
Lydia House Recovery and After Care Case Manager