Growing Seeds

Feb 6, 2012  |     |   General

I had the opportunity to take a group of high school girls on Streets of Omaha. This program helps to alleviate peoples budgetary crisis by providing them with sack lunches in their homes or on the street. People call the Mission and request to be put on the program and once a week we make and deliver sack lunches to them. This outreach takes us all throughout the Omaha area and is a great volunteer opportunity and experience.
The number of people we serve through this ministry is quite substantial. Due to this fact, we are unable to spend hours on end with each stop because of others in need. We take the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with each person, but we always want more. The reason I am telling you all this is because in that small amount of time “seeds” are planted. The Bibles we hand out are read. The tracts we distribute are taken in.
Proof of this came on our very last stop this pas week. Two gentlemen came out of their apartment to get sack lunches and asked for a Bible. “I was having a really bad night the other night, ya know, stuff running through my head, and I looked down and saw one of the tracks you gave me. I read over it and it was beautiful. It encouraged me and help bring me out of that dark night. Do you have a whole Bible?” Man talk about getting to see a seed growing.
I want to write to encourage all of you to take heart in unseen seeds. Trees that we take shade under, flowers that please us, and grass we relax on started as a seed unseen. The Gospel in people’s lives is the same way. A seed is planted by many people through many different events. When that seed starts to grow, for some time the growth is still unseen (just as a plant seed). I was blessed enough to get to see that growth taking place in this man’s life. While volunteering here at Open Door Mission might not always provide the aforementioned experiences of witnessed growth, it does always bring growth. The growth can be in yourself, or in the people you are volunteering with, or the people we serve. I know Corine would love to have you come down and plant with us. Please E-mail Corine at and let her know your ready to work the soil.
Taylor Clinch
Volunteer Associate