Oct 17, 2006  |     |   General

Greetings everyone from the Lydia House Department. We are having a very busy October. All rooms are completely full and we’re turning away record numbers in our emergency area. Our New Life Recovery Program is completely full and we have over 25 disciples on the program at this time. More and more of our clients are attending outside meetings at their churches and for 12-step. This is to help enable our clients to be self sufficient and independent in our community. We are seeing many positive results from this experience. One of our Disciples is sharing her testimony at Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Banquet in Council Bluffs this month, this is her first time sharing and she is very excited. We just had one of our graduates who was living in transitional housing move on to her own home this week. We are very excited that she could transition so easily from supportive housing to independent housing. I would invite you to come for a tour anytime to hear more about what we are doing her at the Lydia House. Hope to see you soon.
Charity Watts
Lydia House Director
Open Door Mission