Greetings from the Lydia House

Oct 19, 2009  |     |   General

The staff here at Lydia House works as a team to teach and instruct—not only basic life skills to the residents, but also hope to encourage spiritual growth. Sometimes that growth happens slowly and we miss the daily signs of progress, making me feel discouraged. Then one day, God allowed me to see residents demonstrating their growth. They came alongside one of their fellow residents encouraging them to continue their recovery because God would never let them down. Later, I saw a group of people getting together for a time of prayer.

Recently, God showed me that our efforts have a long term effect on people. I was encouraged by two of our alumni. One has started their own ministry, putting God’s Word in everyone’s hand by using recycled prescription bottles. The other has shared the amazing faith they developed since their graduation from the program.

Our goal at Lydia House is to change lives, one at a time, and I have had the privilege to see the signs of this happening in at least two lives. This gives me the encouragement to keep going that my small efforts do help to change lives.

Angela Casper
Night Supervisor

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  1. Angela- Isaw your post greetings from lydia house and am thrilled to know that you are still there making a positive difference. Hope all is well with you personally. My last Christmas card to you was returned – please let me know you new address so I can add you back in to my address book

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