Grateful for Open Door Mission

May 15, 2017  |     |   General

     I would like to thank Open Door Mission for allowing me to heal and grow as a man, father, and child of our Most High God.  I now have the privilege to be part of a church plant in a North Omaha community where I will be able to establish and nurture significant relationships. 
     Through the grace of God, I was recently offered a position with a painting company.  And I was recently given a car through the Chariots of Hope program at Open Door Mission, which will help me get to and from work.  Though I currently receive Social Security Disability, it is my goal to phase into complete and full self-sufficiency.  I can only do this through the full and active grace of the Holy Spirit which dwells within me. 
     Thanks to Open Door Mission, my relationship with my young son is growing and I am able to see him more often.  I hope to model a Christlike life for my son – we all know children are our future.  I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve received at Open Door Mission.

Open Door Mission Guest